Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hack Facebook using Bypassing Security Question Method

Hii Friends....I hope you all are fine. Previously I posted an article on  How to hack E-mails using Fake mailsWell, Today am back with something new and Amazing. Well, this trick does not requires any kind of software. All you need is a Small brain and little time. In Phishing,Keyloggers,etc, you always need to get the victim fall in a scam. But many people are smarter and cannot be hacked easily. So, I found a security loophole in Facebook.


Well, this is a major and very big security loophole in Facebook ever. In this hacking procedure, we are going to change the victim's E-mail. We will use the method of bypassing Security Question. Here you can hack anyone's ID. You should have a Primary E-mail Like on Gmail, Yahoo,etc. that should not be associated with any other Facebook Accounts. And the victim to whom you are going to hack should have at least three-four mutual friends. I mean you can create some fak
e accounts and then be the friend of the victim or you can unite your other friends against victim to hack victim's Facebook Account. Well, I am also going to tell you that how can you be secure from such attack?????

So see this tutorial to hack someone's Facebook Account:

  • Now, it may ask the confirmation of that account, if the the victim's profile picture is visible and also with his name, then click on This is my account. And if victim's profile picture is not visible, then victim's account is not possible to hack as it is protected.Well, there are such few accounts that are protected.
  • When you click on This is my Account, then you will be redirected to a page where it will show you the available options to recover your account. Simply click on "No Longer have access to these", This is from where the hack starts. 

  • After clicking on "No Longer have Access to these", you will be a redirected to a new window where it will ask you for a E-mail and that new E-mail Id should not be associated with any other account.
  • In the next Page, It will ask you the security question, if you are succeeded in answering the security question, then you have broke into the victim's Account. And if you have no idea about the security question, then give three wrong answers in a row, and now you will bypass the security level and Facebook will provide you another method of breaking into victim's Facebook account with the help of three trusted friends.You will something like shown below:

As in the image above, you can see that the first two steps say that choose three trusted friends and get the security codes from them. So here you are going to select victim's three trusted friends that may be you and your fake accounts with whom the victim is a friend or your group of friends who all are their friends. And when you select all the three trusted friends, Facebook will send security codes to each one of the friend you selected. Now your job is to get those security codes. Once you gathered the correct security codes and input them where they are asked then you will be able to Reset the victim's Password via standard E-mail Recovery Process.

There are two week points of this loop hole in facebook:

  • The victim's Account cannot be hacked if it is protected.
  • In this post, Earlier I mentioned that you should have 4-5 fake accounts and also you yourself or a group friends to hack the victim's account. You may be thinking why????? Because you need only two mutual friends and one you yourself. It is so because at the time when Facebook will ask you to choose three trusted friends, it will distinguish all victim's friends in three Parts. so if you have more accounts that are friends of victim, then the probability of hacking the victim's account is More and Easier. So, it is another week point of this loop hole.
Important Notice:
If the victim's account gets hacked , His account will be locked for 24 hours after this password change recovery process and his old E-mail address too will receive a notification about this password change including the three names of the 3 friends who were involved in this hacking procedure. That is  why I prefer you to use fake profiles and add them to victim's friends and then carry out this process so that the victim does not know who hacked his account.

Tips for you to protect your self from this attack????

  • So guys, you have saw that their is no use of having a security question for your Account as it can be easily bypassed.Just leave what is security question, and just register your Mobile Number on your Account. And do not forget to hide your Mobile number from others, you can do it by going to your Account's Privacy Settings. Well, it is the most necessary thing to be safe from this attack. And also go to your Account settings and then go to security and  enable these all three Options:

  • Check all the settings and enable them in your account. Here you can see the option "Login Approvals" . When you enable it, Facebook will add one more amazing level of security to your account.  Login Approvals is a very high level security feature that requires to enter a code sent to your phone that Facebook will text to your phone when you or any other person logins from an unrecognised Computer.You need to have your Mobile with you when you login with an unrecognised computer.
  • Never accept or send requests to unknown people as this activity may harm you.
  • If by chance someone resets your Account's Password  by this hacking procedure then you will receive a Notification on your Email address that will tell you about this password change and the names of the three person who were involved in this. You will then have only 24 hours to act upon it, So it would be much better you check your Email Everyday.
Note: I do not promote this article to hack others account. I am just posting this article for educational purposed and it is not intended to be misused as it is illegal. I just want to spread awareness about such things and give you advice how to prevent you from such attacks.

Please share my this post among your friends, so  that they can too be aware of this loophole and can protect their account from such attacks.

I hope you have enjoyed my article!!!!
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  16. Dear Bro, I have my friends ID and Password but he has log in Text approval activated. Now tell me any Idea if there is to avoid this and get in.

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