Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earn with LOCKERZ is one of the best sites I've visited. Why? It's because you can get free stuff within hours of registering with no effort whatsoever. It's similar to sites such as gaminglagoon and prizerebel, but this one tops them all. ...Currently it's invite-only, so the only way you can get in is with an invite.

How to get an invite :
Simply leave me your E-mail and I'll send an invite your way.
The Only Way To Send Invite Is Through E-mail .

This might sound too good to be true, but I assure you it's all legit. As soon as I registered I got 20 points for playing a flash game (this game is available when you first log-in, when it says "loading"). An iPod touch only costs 300 Ptz (site points) and package and handling costs 20 Ptz. You don't need to make any deposits or commitments, it's so easy to get free stuff. Another example is GTA IV on PS3... it's only 40 ptz.... it has to be seen to be believed.

First Come First Served

Please remember that the site is in beta, so you get more privileges when it goes public. The only bad thing is you can't get any prizes yet... but it's always a good idea to save up for when they launch the site.

NOTE - It might take a while to receive the invite e-mail, it took me around 2-3 hours to receive mine.... the wait is worth it though

FAQs :

Q: What is Lockerz?
A: Lockerz is the place to go to buy the coolest stuff at the lowest prices, watch exclusive video, discover new music, play the hottest games, hang out with your friends - and get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you d...o on the site.

Our mission is to be your daily habit, not a site for your parents or grandparents looking for their long-lost friends from Kindergarten.

One other thing you'll love about Lockerz are PTZ (or "Pointz"). PTZ are Lockerz' proprietary loyalty "currency" that you earn whenever you buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or even just show up on Lockerz. Redeem PTZ for incredible prizes, great products and dream experiences.

Lockerz is set to launch on October 15. Members who sign up now will get to explore and help shape the site before the launch. We hope you'll join us.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: This site is available to all worldwide residents.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up?
A: Nothing, this site is absolutely free.

Q: Do I have to be involved with a referral program once I signed up?
A: No, but you do get 20 invites max then you become a PTZ VIP.

Q: What is a ptz VIP?
A: As a VIP you get a free T-Shirt, double the points, and VIP shopping.

Q: How do I earn PTZ?
A: There are many ways you can earn points. You may earn points just by logging into the site daily, answer a few questions known as " Dailies ", invites, and for one time only after you sign up you will get a chance to play a PTZ catcher game and you can rack up as many points as wish within the time limit.

Q: Why are most of the prizes out of stock?
A: Keep in mind that this site officially launches on October 15, 2009 so don't hope for everything to be stocked up just yet.


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